What is Your Shingle Style?


Signs that you might need a new roof.

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends a roof inspection two times a year at a minimum- in the Spring and Fall. Be sure to inspect inside and out and don’t forget the attic! Starting from the inside, you may want to look for the following:

Interior Check

  1. Places where the roof deck is sagging.
  2. Signs of water damage or leaking on the walls and ceilings. This may look like dark spots or trails of water.
  3. Outside light showing through the roof.
  4. Leaking in the attic after rain.
  5. Increases in your utility bill.

Exterior Check

When you take a look at the exterior of the roof, be sure to check for missing shingles, curling of shingles, buckling, decay and damaged flashing.

  1. Check for any loose material.
  2. Look for or wear around vents, chimneys and pipes.
  3. You may notice shingle granules that look like grains of sand. This is a sign of advanced wear as the shingles are decaying.
  4. Be sure and check for signs of moisture and mold.
  5. Don’t forget to examine the drainage of the roof. Are your gutters and downspouts securely attached and free of debris?

Should you notice any of these signs of a worn roof, or would like us to do the inspection for you, simply fill out this form or call 406-371-1920.